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Explore the science of Formicidae

Learn to keep ants as pets

Experience the undergrowth

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Our Mission

We believe that by using ants and other wildlife, we can inspire people to take a closer look at the world beneath their feet. The Ant Network is focused on telling compelling stories about wildlife and wild places through our engaging online videos, educational classroom and science camp presentations, and beautiful live insect exhibits crafted for science centers, museums, zoos, and passionate individuals.

As an organization that seeks to communicate science and share unique stories from the wilderness, it is our duty to create engaging and educational products and content that inspires our audience. We are committed to supporting diversity in all its forms, and we hope our platform is a safe and educational space for you to learn. We believe that by building an international community of people who appreciate humanity's responsibility as stewards of the natural world, we will see a brighter future for everyone.

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