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The Story

The Ant Network was founded by Miles Maxcer in 2015 as a service to unite ant keepers, researchers, and educators as one community. Although the company has evolved since, we continue to believe that everyone can be a part of the scientific process and can contribute meaningful knowledge and experience to improve our collective understanding.


While studying at Montana State University, Miles found like-minded individuals with complementary skills and experiences. Support from the Blackstone Launchpad, Montana State University, and countless other organizations and individuals enabled the new team to create innovative online video series such as The Ant Explorer, Ant Keeping 101, and standalone documentaries such as "Ants in Madagascar" which chronicled a group of myrmecologists and tree-climbers in a remote Malagasy dry forest. The team also created live insect exhibits and gave dozens of in-classroom presentations to enhance the learning opportunities for local K-12 students.


The Ant Network is expanding to provide innovative world-class insect exhibits and displays for museums, zoos, and educational institutions. Our products tell stories about the natural world, inspiring guests to reflect on their own place in our collective story. Accompanying these displays are high-quality media products and ant-themed merchandise. Our team continues to make new videos for our online series and we aspire to create captivating feature-length films and ground-breaking series hosted on the world's most popular platforms.

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