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Our Team


Miles Maxcer

Founder & Director
PhD Student & NSF Graduate Research Fellow, University of Florida
B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, Montana State University

Miles is an early-career entomologist passionate about science communication, public policy, and storytelling. Having kept ants for over a decade, Miles has become a world expert on the captive rearing of ant colonies.

He/Him | | IG: @MilesMaxcer | Twitter: @MilesMaxcer | LinkedIn: Miles Maxcer


Ben Schwartz

Media Producer
B.A. History (Science & Technology), Montana State University

Ben cares about finding unique ways to share compelling stories from the undergrowth, and he moves our projects from ideation to completion. Both in the editing bay and out in the field, Ben brings a creative mind to every Ant Network project. 

He/Him | LinkedIn: Ben Schwartz


Jen Schlauch

Graphic Illustrator
B.S. Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior, University of Texas at Austin

As an ecologist, Jen is fascinated by insect-plant interactions, symbioses, and microbiomes, with a special place in her heart for hymenopterans of all shapes and sizes. Jen produces many of The Ant Network's graphical assets, and illustrates important scientific concepts.

She/Her | | IG: @jen_the_bird | Twitter: @SchlauchJen  | LinkedIn: Jennifer Schlauch


Thomas Stanton

Financial Manager
Financial Engineering, Montana State University

Every organization needs somebody to keep the i's dotted and the t's crossed. Luckily, Thomas does much more than that, ensuring that our taxes are filed, checkbooks balanced, and deliverables are on-time for customers. Oh, and he's pretty good with an aspirator, too!

He/Him | LinkedIn: Thomas Stanton

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